Learn the Pimp Game Beyond Iceberg Slim

In Other Words, How to Pimp

The time has come, the walrus said, to talk of many things. Of hoes, bitches and moistened cracks. Of cabbages and pimp kings.                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Well, Less talk. It’s time to learn


 How to Be a Motherfucking Pimp was written as experimental, transgressive literature. It teaches you how to pimp, but it is not meant to endorse it. At least, that’s what our lawyers told us to say. Anyway, there used to be a preamble here, but it was gratuitous. You just need to dive in. As you will see, there is no way to describe this project except that it is bloated, pretentious and absurd. In a strange way, that is it’s endorsement. It’s free. Just click on it to get the PDF.

So, welcome to the home of Dazzle Razzle. The following links are excerpted chapters. They will give you some indication of the book’s ambit. Although these are ‘theoretical’ chapters, much of the book is a ‘story’. Enjoy!                                                                                                                                                                   

Do note that a new version is now being hosted. It’s a bit of a beast! Anyway, if you like this shit, drop us a good or bad word at Goodreads. 

Overview of the Game – what the pimp game is and how it works.         

How to Make PCP – like it says.  Angel dust, formaldehyde…

Very Like A Whale –  another one of the chapters on pimping

How to Make Crack–Burn those rocks

Pimpology – one of many assaults on logic

Patapimpics – a foray into the relation between pimping and metamathematics

How to Preform Coat Hanger AbortionsAs it reads on the tin

Trickology – How tricks work


This book was written because of a strange encounter with a Dutch guy who wanted to be a pimp. From a quick potboiler to a FREE monstrosity, here is How to Be a Motherfucking Pimp. For an older, perhaps more accessible version, here’s a link to it. The following is the previously hosted version, The Gen. 2.

If you like what you see, spread the word. If you don’t like what you see, spread the word. The other two books will be released when there is significantly more traction. These too will be offered for free. 


(As always, the current version hosted is wonky in its formatting. Technology is not a strength here. Follow us on Facebook to find out when new chapters are to be included)

–George Webber



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