Learn the Pimp Game Beyond Iceberg Slim

(Whatever you do, read this before you even consider looking at the book)

To the general reader, I advise you not to read this book. If what you read here does not make sense, the book itself will likely be incomprehensible and it is not for you. If you genuinely want to pimp, you will find a lot here. This will teach you about the pimp game and how it works, but it is not meant to encourage it. Similarly, the recipes for crack, crystal meth and PCP are not meant to be actually put in use by anyone of sane mind. The same can be said for the financial scams found herein. If you decide to approach this book, do so with discretion. Just because it is for free doesn’t mean it is for everyone. 

How to Be a Motherfucking Pimp was written as experimental, transgressive literature. Much like Burgess’s A Clockwork Orange or Pasolini’s Salò, it was meant to make you interrogate your assumptions. It is subversive, but it is also meant to be performative. It was designed so that you critically evaluate what you accept. It is the story of Dazzle Razzle and the evolution of his school of pimping. However, like the works just mentioned, the book is not for your average bear. It is violent, racist, misogynistic, and it gets worse. But it invites you to ask questions. How to Be a Motherfucking Pimp has quite an ambit. It appropriates much, it dredges up more. Everything in here is out there. As De La Soul said, the stakes is high. Everything is suspect, and it is the reader who is invited to weigh in. You are meant to be engaged. You are the performative dimension, the iconoclast. But how?

Dazzle Razzle is psychotic. The book itself is psychotic. It moves with a dizzying pace toward its own unraveling. It is meant to test you, to take you into the abysmal interior of the text, while taking you both out of your comfort zone and then the text itself. This takes place right from the beginning. You should feel the centrifugal force of the text drawing you outward through allusion and gesture. Its central conceit is pimping, but, to reverse the image, this is the eye of the storm. The disquieting calm. In the paranoid construction of systems, it moves to challenge the very idea of systematicity. This is where you are invited to participate in the psychotic process. This again is an aspect of the performativity that I’ve been bandying about.

If you think you are up to the task, READ THE WHOLE THING. If you stop at what disgusts you and then take issue with the book, perhaps you are committing the injustice. If you get past the first half and stumble when the theory becomes too difficult or impenetrable, soldier on. To come to terms with Dazzle Razzle, you must immerse yourself, especially when you feel that you are losing your footing. This is the oceanic feeling of psychosis. Dazzle Razzle is a process, an experience, but most importantly, a confrontation. If you are too soft for this, fuck off.

Now, if you have understood all of this, and still want to proceed, the book can be had for free from the link at the bottom of this page or HERE. Good luck if you choose to continue. Like circumcisions and rainbows, Dazzle Razzle is for the people.

(Do note that the version hosted at the moment is wonky in its formatting. There was a glitch. It is only minor and doesn’t really affect the book, but this should be righted soon. At the moment I am in the interior of DRC by the Congo basin, in the jungle, and there is only an unstable peace here, so cut me some slack. Follow us on Facebook to find out when new chapters are to be included)

–George Webber

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