Pimponzi Schema Pi Squared is designed to work as initially intended. This can be found under ‘And now a word from our sponsors’ in the ‘A Ponzi Scheme is a Capital Idea (Econopimpics IV)’ section in How to Be a Motherfucking Pimp.

However, it needs to be noted that we are currently in a moratorium and all monies received must be considered as non charitable donations/contributions. Once capital requirements are met, we will endeavor to make Pimponzi Schema Pi Squared run as designed. Nevertheless, there is little likelihood of this. Incompetence, mismanagement and a multitude of other factors will doubtlessly interfere. Follow our Facebook page for updates and developments. At the moment it looks as though certain, perhaps random, contributions will be reversed in excess of the money credited. Don’t hold your breath though.

Do remember, you patronage is not just valued. It is essential. Your ‘non charitable’ donation/contribution will help to bring the other Dazzlean works, such as the missing chapters of How to Be a Motherfucking Pimp and the other texts, before the public. Not only that, you will be helping bring Dazzlean projects to light such as Jah Rastafari Hell Fyah and The Pork Metropolis. Of these latter, once actualized, they should be self-sustaining and no further contributions will be required on any front.

Consider your contribution an ethical act in uncertain times.

Without you, there is no Dazzle Razzle.


Once you have contributed/gifted, don’t for get to big up your chest.

We apologize for the excessive attempts at legalese.

Jah Rastafari Hell Fyah bless!


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