Learn the Pimp Game Beyond Iceberg Slim


 How to Be a Motherfucking Pimp is a book about pimping and how to do it. Nothing in it is endorsed. From the link, the book can be had for free. If you like it and would like see the other two books come to light, please hit us up here with a small donation. Now, the following links are excerpted chapters. They will give you some indication of the book’s ambit. 

News Flash: There is now an illustrated, children’s version available HERE.



Overview of the Game – what the pimp game is and how it works.         

How to Make PCP – like it says.  Angel dust, formaldehyde…

Very Like A Whale –  another one of the chapters on pimping

How to Make Crack–Burn those rocks

Pimpology – one of many assaults on logic

Patapimpics – a foray into the relation between pimping and metamathematics

How to Preform Coat Hanger AbortionsAs it reads on the tin

Trickology – How tricks work

The Failure of Pension Plans– A slice of applied economics


This book was written because of a strange encounter with a Dutch guy who wanted to be a pimp. From a quick potboiler to a FREE monstrosity, here is How to Be a Motherfucking Pimp. For an older, perhaps more accessible version, here’s a link to it. The following is the previously hosted version: The Gen. 2.

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